Restaurants and Bars

An elegant, modern interior of the hall is made in combination of fashion, to date, the soft beige and dark brown tones and decorated with unique ornaments floor and glass doors at the entrance to the VIP room, multi-level ceilings with a nice soft lighting to really impress. The restaurant's menu "Vizavi" in Yekaterinburg is composed of dishes of European, Russian and Ural cuisine, which serve as a harmonious addition to any meeting. In addition, an extensive wine list, a wide range of precious teas, cigar menu. In the evening in our restaurant especially romantic: melodious music and friendly staff will make your date a memorable one. So it is quite possible, it is here you will wish to arrange a wedding. And if not the wedding, the reception or banquet on any significant issue, and especially for you and develop a program menu, and even make exclusive cake! In the heart of the Hotel Vis, where the clock is seething life, is a lobby bar. Here you can spend your time reading the morning newspapers, or enjoy a great coffee while waiting for business partners.